Book an interpreter tolk

We help you with all your interpreting assignments in the best way possible for the assigment. We always work to match the right interpreter for each task and if possible offer interpreters with industry knowledge for your industry. Our interpreters always work in accordance with good interpreter manners, and work under strict confidentiality.

On-site interpreter

the interpreter is on site. We offer authorized and qualified interpreters who can be on site to facilitate communication between you and your customers and clients.

Phone interpreter

For urgent or short assigments, or in cases where there is a shortage of qualified interpreters due to a language with few interpreters we can offer you help over the phone. Phone interpretations is also a good way for you to keep costs down as both travel time and expenses in connection with the interprettion are eliminated.

& Business interpreter

We offer interpreters that can help you during your business meetings. Our interpreters can either be on-site or via the phone, whichever is easier for you. If you have international clients, our interpreters can be present throughout the visit if necessary.

Conference interpreter

annual meetings and similar contexts, we offer interpreters with expertise in various business and specialty areas. Our interpreters can help you before, during and after the conference date. Prices for this type of mission are available on request. Contact us for a free meeting where we can discuss further your needs and offer you the best possible solution.

Translate audio files

We have authorized translators that can help you translate all kinds of audio files. Our system is aimed to assure that the best interpreter is booked for your assignment. Our goal is to try and book the same interpreter throughout an assigment. This will help the client and interpreter to better learn to co-operate with and understand each other. Also the more the interpreter knows about the assigment the smoother the process.